Vitality Bra
Vitality Bra
Vitality Bra
Vitality Bra
Vitality Bra
Vitality Bra

Vitality Bra

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We are so pumped to introduce the Vitality Bra!

What does Vitality mean? Vitality means the state of being strong, active, and full of energy! 

This bra is perfect for any day, activity, workout, this is your new everyday throw-on bra to get your day going. You will feel supported, comfy, and take your day on while feeling refreshed and alive! 

Found in gorgeous Mint and Cloud print. The Mint is a light shade of green, a dazzling and vibrant color that will showcase your personality! The Cloud print will make you feel like you are in a dream through the gorgeous blue sky, look great and dreamy while you actively take on your day, have fun, live life, and dance with the clouds!  

Product Highlights

Dream material

Full Support

No Wires or Harsh Seams that Dig

Double-lined to ensure full coverage

Comes with optional, removable cup pads

*We designed this bra to provide serious support for breasts of all sizes during high-intensity workouts while maintaining a feminine, flattering fit. No spilling, no sliding, no problem.


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