What Does D.O.M.S. Mean?


What is DOMS?


Last week we did a poll on Instagram story asking our following if they knew what DOMS was. The results showed us that majority of our followers didn’t know, so today I want to teach you! 


DOMS is an abbreviation for; Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. 

This is the soreness that happens a day or two later after your workout. Ever had a leg day, and two days later, it’s still hard to sit on the toilet? That’s DOMS. 

You won’t feel it during or right after your workout. 

While you train your body you are making tiny micro tears in the muscles, this is why you are sore the next day. Even though we might not like being sore for a couple days, your body is healing those tears and your muscles fibers are growing/ expanding, which is where we see more and more results. 


How long does DOMS last? 

It is temporary, but the time frame usually differs based on the intensity of the workout. The average time is 2-4 days. 


What can I do to recover/ heal from DOMS? 

  1. Don’t stop moving your body; help push out all the extra fluids to decrease inflammation.
  2. Icing after a big workout
  3. Stay active, even when super sore. 
  4. Compressions / massage 
  5. Take BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids) to help decrease muscle damage. 


Will I have DOMS after every workout? 

The quick answer is no. 

This all depends on if your body is working out the same, frequently. If so, your body starts to get used to specific exercises; you will get less muscle soreness each time. If you haven’t trained a part of your body in a while, you will probably have more soreness after.



We hope this helps you understand why we are sore for awhile after the gym! Please share to help spread more awareness on our hard-working bodies!