5 Tips to Eliminate Bloating and Improve Digestion

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9 | 15 | 2020


Let's face it; we've all faced painful stomach problems. Bloating, gas, constipation, we've experienced it all. Some of us daily! A recent survey shows that 72% of Americans experience general "stomach problems" weekly.

Bloating makes us feel uncomfortable, unattractive, and unconfident. It can ruin a night out, make us self conscious at the pool party, and make us feel like poop (see what I did there 🤣).

Stomach issues typically arise for one of a few reasons. 

1. Lack of Proper Nutrition

2. Allergens

3. Medications

4. Lack of Water

5. Genetic Disorders

Luckily, many of these things can be fixed by changing a few things up in our day-to-day routine. Here are a few tips to help you eliminate bloat and improve your overall digestion. Are you ready to feel more healthy, clean, and confident?

1. Drink More Water!

First, it's essential to kick start your morning with a glass of room temperature water. Try to make it a routine to drink 8oz immediately after waking. Additionally, we recommend that you drink half of your body weight in ounces per day at a minimum daily.

Ex. If you weigh 140lbs, try to consume at least 70oz of water daily (that's about half a gallon).

Bonus Tip: Add freshly squeezed lemon to your water in the morning to help give your body a little kick start right out the gate. Lemon juice can also help aid in the digestive process.

2. Decrease or Eliminate Starchy Carbs

For most people, starchy carbs don't get along with our guts too well. Starchy carbs are one of the main contributors to inflammation in the stomach. If you're consuming a fair amount of bread, pasta, cereal, or other wheat-based carbs, you might want to consider decreasing that from your diet.

3. Decrease or Eliminate Sugar

Eating a diet high in sugar has been linked to obesity, insulin resistance, diabetes, fatty liver disease, cancer, and chronic kidney disease. We know that those cupcakes or that AM muffin are so hard to resist. But, they are huge contributors to daily stomach problems. Plus, they lead to increased insulin levels in the body, linked to diabetes, disease, and even a shorter life!

4. Decrease or Eliminate Alcohol

If it can clean out our wounds, think about what it does to our insides. Not to say we shouldn't enjoy a weekend Margarita or Cocktail (guilty 😗). To keep our digestive tract working properly, we have to keep alcohol intake to a minimum. Plus, alcohol is very counterproductive to our physical goals. It fosters an environment in the body to store more fat and leaves us feeling tired and lethargic.

5. Increase Green Vegetables

Greens are the magic to helping our food digest! Green vegetables are high in magnesium, which allows the gut process and digest foods. It's a good practice to try to eat at least one serving of greens with every meal. Doing this will help your body process and digest foods more efficiently. Plus, you'll be getting essential micronutrients and vitamins important to help our body function efficiently.

If you struggle to get in your daily greens (just like me 🤷🏼‍♂️), check out our Fruits and Greens product. We created this product to solve our digestive problems. Who likes to eat greens anyways 😬? I prefer to take one scoop in the morning, and I'm all set for the day. Plus, we made it taste REALLY REALLY good! 😋

If you're continually feeling bloated and experiencing digestive problems, first look at your daily food consumption. Start working on removing or eliminating the sugars, unhealthy, carbs, and alcohol. Drink more water, and get those greens in!

Happy Digesting!
Nathan Mansfield
CEO, Strong Physiquez