SPring Bash 2021! 🎉

SP's Annual SPring Bash!!

We are excited to announce that our SP event is going down & we want you here!! We have always wanted to host an event where we could bring the entire SP community in and feel like a family for a whole day. **Pinch us** because we can't believe it's happening!!

Our community is EVERYTHING to us. We are truly one big family! This event is here to honor the connections we have made from state to state, country to country, to the friendships that have formed over the years, and to the friendships that will continue to grow. We hope to spark a fire here in San Antonio and spread our community! 

The SPring Bash is LOADED with amazingness! First things first, we'll be co-hosting with the excellent F45 Gyms & their fabulous trainers!! What does that mean for you?? AMAZING KICKASS WORKOUTS! THREE FREE training sessions will be available during the event, so come ready to sweat! 

What you need to know:

Date: Saturday, May 29th 

Time: 2:00- 6:00 PM

Address: SP HQ 431 Isom Rd STE 204 San Antonio, Texas 78216

F45 Training Times:Â ï»ż2:30PM, 3:45PM & 5:00PM

What's poppin?

  • 3 FREE F45 training sessions
  • 10% off in-store orders 
  • 20% off for Military
  • FREE cocktails 
  • Great food 
  • Unbelievable Raffles!

Tell me more about the raffles...

  • Chance to win six months FREE @ F45 đŸ˜±
  • You could win FREE SP Supplements for a year đŸ˜±
  • $400 value of services to Restore Hyper Wellness đŸ˜±

Who are the other vendors coming?

Restore Hyper Wellness

Restore is here to do just that to get you feeling restored & fresh ready to take on the world! They will be doing B12 shots and a few other magical things to help you with your recovery process! If you are visiting from out of town, stop into their location to experience more of their great services!

Heavy Metal Fitness 

The gym where the strongest people in SA train! This gym is by far one of the best for heavy weight training, along with a badass environment that makes you feel like you can hit any PR!! Socialize with the illest gym around!

Team Miggy

Team Miggy is a top-notch group of elite coaches! They help hundreds of people reach their fitness goals through their online coaching services. They have a strong community of support and accountability, but they power everything they do with their love for people! Get coached by the best Mike, Vero, Bri & Allison!


We can't contain our excitement for this fantastic event!!! Plus, being able to share this with all of you is UNREAL!!!! Let us know you're coming by tagging us on Instagram!