Lifting Heavy Vs. High Volume Training

We all know how to train, but sometimes we don't know which type of training will benefit us most for our goals. Well, I'm here to break down two training styles for you, Volume training & Heavy Weight Training. Which is best for you? Let's see.


Heavy Weight Training 

In basic terms, this means heavyweight and low reps. Slowly increasing weight throughout training and decreasing the number of reps doing about 70-75% of your one-rep max, your goal is to hit 8-12 reps.

This type of training promotes hypertrophy (increase and growth of muscle cells) & strength, activating type two muscle fibers or the Fast Twitch muscles. These muscle fibers are fast too fatigue but have to be under the right amount of tension to reach hypertrophy. Many people find great success in this type of training. 

When you are gaining muscle, the one thing to remember is muscle weighs more than fat, so if you typically check in on the scale, you might not like the way numbers reflect. BUT this does not mean you aren't losing fat!! The more muscle you build, the more calories your body will burn at rest.


High Volume Training

Our favorite way to tone up! The easiest way to describe this is lighter weight and high reps. You'll stay in the 15-20 rep range about 50% of your one-rep max. 

This promotes muscle endurance and activates the type one muscle fibers or the Slow Twitch muscles. These muscles have less power than type two but are slower to fatigue and help build great endurance. You are still gaining muscles and strength but differently. 

A benefit of this training style is burning more calories from your long high-intensity workout, helping melt fat. 


Which is better?

This is an easy answer, neither!! Both are great, and you will see results. One thing to do is match your training to fit your goals! Want to gain more muscle? Boom Heavy Weight! Want to tone and lean out? High Volume training!

My personal favorite is to mix it up. Do it all and trade-off! I have felt this to be the best of both worlds. Both increase muscular strength & endurance. 

I hope this has helped you! Happy lifting, SP Fam!