How is SP Training?

All of us are on different health journeys that consist of different goals and dreams. Here at SP, fitness is very important to us. Each of us have different goals that we adapt our workouts and training to be able to reach. If you are struggling trying to reach your goals and motif your workouts to reach them, here is a little bit about how our employees are training and what they are training for:


Hello! My name is Nathan Mansfield and I am the CEO and owner of SP Athletics. I am currently using a hybrid training style focusing on strength and endurance. I focus on core lifts (bench, squat, deadlift) and also add in HIIT training and cardio.

My fitness goals are really just go keep myself strong, active, and healthy. I normally like to partake in challenging fitness events and I’m in between events right now. The most important thing to my health is to move my body every day, to be smart but flexible with how I eat, and to sleep 6-8 hours every night.

Hi! My name is Scarlett I’m a 25 year old mom of two! I am the COO here at SP! My training style had changed so much over the years and now I finally feel good with how I am training! I wouldn’t say I have an exact goal besides being healthy and strong! I really like being strong.🤣 My training consists of lifting and some HIIT workouts.

 Lifting, my goals is to be in  hypertrophic state (building mass) I am stay within a 8-10 rep range and build up to 2-4 Reps to lift really heavy! I’m always trying to hit new Maxes week to week! Then I loveeee getting good burn outs at the end of my workout 20-30 reps to pump blood into my ripped a part muscles. This training has helped me put on a ton of muscles and become super strong. I also like to do HIIT training to keep me lean, burn some extra calories and keep my cardiovascular strength solid!

This balance between the two had been a major game changer in my fitness 😊




Hello! My name is Krissy and I am the Logistics Manager here at SP. This current month I’m training for a sprint triathlon! This consists of following a very special workout 5 days a week and 2 rest days. I’m doing this to push myself to new levels. I felt I was lacking motivation so decided to do this lol.

Mental health and physical health are very important to me. I think they go hand-in-hand. I know when I move my body and push myself, I feel 100 times better than if I sat around and did nothing. When I am having a bad day, going and doing a workout helps boost my mood!



HI! I am Kyara and I am the Regional Retail Manager here at SP! I am training in a way that I do not want to feel bored or annoyed that I have to workout!

Lately I have been trying out a variety of workouts from Running  to HITT workouts to slow and controlled heavy lifting. On top of trying to play sports like catch a football or play basketball to not be bored when exercising!

My fitness goals are too get strong and to feel good with myself. What’s most important is my mental health and doing what feels right for me and my body!



Hi I'm Sarah and I am the Affiliate Executive! Weight lifting at the gym. My goals are to gain muscle and to reach this I am lifting heavy and eating in a caloric surplus.

Overall, I want to live a healthy lifestyle and take care of my body to live longer and be able to one day have kids of my own and care for them without having any health issues.



My name is JR Pena and I am the Executive Assistant at Strong Physiquez. I am apart of the crew at SP that is currently training for a triathlon so doing a lot of cardio based workouts. I also love getting in to the gym and lifting heavy with many different supersets to keep the heart rate up. I truly like to try to stay leaner and be conditioned throughout the year. So I try my best to eat healthy meals and stay close to my macros.

What is important to maintaining my health is staying conditioned, maintaining a clean diet and drinking plenty of water daily and overall maintain a balanced and healthy life.



I'm Adam Dugas and I am the Graphic Designer for Strong Physiquez. 

I am currently training for strength, my goal is to put on muscle while staying lean. Ultimately I workout 6-7 days a week. My training schedule is mostly strength, I alternate muscle groups daily and incorporate cardio where necessary, right now I do cardio 3-4 times per week and usually it's the stairs for 10-30 mins after my workout. My diet is relatively clean eating, high in protein and lots of vegetables, however I do not follow something specific I eat what I want when I want and work harder when I eat junk food.  Over all I work diligently to obtain my fitness goals as it's one of my passions.

My overall health is very important to me, not just physically but mentally and spiritually. Without a foundation nothing can stand. I take my exercise very seriously as it has become a life style and I am committed to my physical health. I would have to say that a proper foundation is what matters most, it's hard to build but once it's built it's unbreakable.



Hi! My name is Deanna and I am Customer Connections Rep for SP. 

My training is pretty consistent. I listen to my body when it tells me I need a break, but always finding a way to have an active rest day. My goal is to reduce my body fat percentage to 20-25% within the next 6 months. To achieve this I am focusing more on how I train and what muscle I am training.

For my workouts I start with 10 mins of cardio (cycle bike or treadmill on an incline) then dynamic stretching. I split my days into 1. shoulders, 2. chest, 3. back, 4, legs, 5. arms, 6. Make up day if I felt I could have pushed more, 7. 30-34 min Cardio (cycle or run)/ abs. I always do static stretching after every workout. For the days I do push one more then I did the last week, so if I go the 45 DB up for 7, the next I’ll try 8 or 9. Hope that makes sense

As well, what I eat in a day, having at least one meal without starchy carbs, lots of vegetables and drinking lots of water. The most important thing to me about my health, is to stay active and healthy throughout all my years. To play rugby, keep up with the workouts and to be independent when I’m 80.



Hi I'm Krisy (AKA Nana) and I am a Warehouse Rep. I’m training for a triathlon in October with JR and my daughter Krissy. I’m running, swimming, and biking 5 days a week. Our routine is: Sunday we run, Monday is a rest day, Tuesday we swim and bike, Wednesday we run, Thursday we swim, Friday we swim, and Saturday we bike and run.

For me the most important part of my health is being strong active and eating healthy to be a great role model for my children and grandchildren and all my kids at SP. You all keep me so young and happy.


You goals are never too big if you stay consistent and take a little step towards reaching them everyday. If you have any more questions about how we are training or any other fitness goals, feel free to Dm us on Instagram! We are here to help you reach your goals!