5 Tips to stay fit when the gym isn’t an option.

Hitting your breaking point? Needing to move your body, yet you have no outlet. 

We humans can become creatures of habit, once we train in the gym for some time, we become so accustomed to it that training at home seems foreign. But what are we to do when a gym is no longer an option? Well, we are here to give you five tips to help!


1. Find Innovative Ways To Add Weight

Love getting a pump from weight training? Well, your home has weights. They just aren't made of iron. Using accessible "equipment" like water jugs, dog food bags, filled water bottles can still help you achieve your goals. Get creative and get that pump.


2. Add Resistance Bands 

Resistance bands are a great way to build muscle without weights because they activate the muscles in a very similar way. Using full-body resistance bands, you can train all upper body and lower body, no excuses. Resistance training will help you target each muscle so nicely to help you get toned up!


3. Getting Outside 

Grabbing some fresh air will help your body more than you know. Being around screens all day can suck the life out of you. Step outside and absorb some Vitamin D; it helps release endorphins and makes you feel so good. Take a walk once a night, lay in the sun for your daily breaks or even do some yoga outside!


4. Use What You Have For Equipment.

Have a couch, bed, or chairs? Welcome your new gym equipment. These items can be for more than just lounging. You can use them for training at home. Use your chairs for step-up variations. You can use your couch and bed for incline, and decline pushups also can be used for tricep dips. See your home as your gym, and you can do some bomb workouts!


5. Incorporate High-Intensity Training Styles

Get Sweaty, y'all, and make training challenging and fun. This style of training keeps the heart rate high and burns calories. Here are a few of our favorites!

AMRAPs (as many reps as possible) Pick a time period for your workout (30 mins), then pick out your exercises (3-4) & reps (15-20) then your goal with this workout is to do as many rounds as possible. 

EMOMs( Every minute on the minute) Pick a time period for your workout (30 mins), then pick exercises(2) keep this number low and gather your reps (15-20). You will have 1 min to finish these two exercises. Once completed, the remainder of the minute is your rest time. Then when the next minute begins, you start all over and keep going till all 30 mins are done.  


Here are two at home workouts you can do:

Full Body w/ Resistance Bands:

  • Tricep Pull Downs 4x20
  • Up Right Rows 4x30 
  • Bicep Curls 4x10 each arm
  • Face Pulls 4x20 
  • Thrusters 4x20
  • Single Leg Kickbacks 4x15 each leg 

Full Body Home Equipment:

  • Tricep Drip 4x10-15 (couch, coffee table)
  • Decline Pushups 4x10 (couch, coffee table)
  • Plank 2 mins
  • Bulgarian Split Squats 4x15 each leg **add weight (Water bottles, Jugs)
  • Lateral Raises 4x15 (Water bottles, Jugs)
  • Single Arm Rows 4x15-20 (Water bottles, Jugs)

We hope this blog helps you during tough times you might not have access to the gym or life is happening and making it to the gym is much more complicated. Be all in on yourself and no more excuses.