5 Tips For Goal Setting

New Years. What does ringing in the new year mean to you? For some, it's just another January 1st. In contrast, for others, it's a new beginning, a fresh slate, and a time to reprioritize self goals. 

We want to give you five small tips to give you more confidence going into 2022.

First, let's talk about why goals are so amazing! Why should we even set goals? Well, goals are a part of our human nature to be growth-oriented. We desire and want to grow; it's how we're hardwired! Setting small or even big goals can teach us to go further than we thought we could, and when we accomplish them, it builds up our self-confidence and trust in our word. When you can keep promises or stick to your task list, you see a significant difference in your self-trust. Now that's only the inner self side of it. Imagine that and the goals you can achieve!

Now, all of that sounds great. But sometimes, we get a little carried away when creating goals and can lose sight of reality. The realistic side of goal setting is remembering sustainability. This is the perfect time to get into our five tips. Here's #1... 

1. Prioritize Sustainability

When creating goals, you sometimes adopt a few lifestyle changes. Significant lifestyle changes can be extremely overwhelming! For example, if you never work out and have a new year's goal, to train six days a week. That might not be sustainable and could easily cause you to burn out or even give up. It would be best to look at where you are and bring on new goals that you can sustain.

2. Drop Old Habits

This one is huge! This year, you want to have three resolutions to stick to, which is overall great! BUTTT can you do those with your current lifestyle? It only makes sense that if you add three new goals/ lifestyle changes, you need to let a few go. Want to start waking up early every morning to read? Well, you'll have to stop staying up binging Netflix till midnight. 

3. S.M.A.R.T. Goals

 Having a hard time writing down your 2022 goals? By using the S.M.A.R.T. acronym, it helps guide your goal setting. To make a goal clear and reachable, each goal should be:

Specific: well defined and clear

Measurable: with specific criteria that measure your progress toward the accomplishment of the goal

Achievable: attainable and not impossible to achieve

Relevant: within reach, realistic, and relevant to your life purpose

Time-based: a clearly defined timeline, including a start and end date. The purpose is to create urgency.

Start making those goals a reality!

4. Process the Goal

This is such an important step to goal setting. Make sure that you know why you want this goal. By finding the purpose to each of your goals, it is going to give you extra motivation to want to achieve it!

Another part of processing your goal is visualizing yourself achieving it. How is this goal going to benefit your life? By visualizing the goal, also helps you figure out what steps you need to take to be able to achieve the goal.

5. Write It Down & Surround Yourself With It

Did you know that writing down your goals makes you 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down? Writing your goals down not only forces you to get clear on what you want but is also plays a part in motivating you to complete the tasks for your success!

After you write it down, put it in a place, you will see it. Then write it down a few more times and put it in several more places. It might sound extreme, but you should surround yourself with the thought of achieving these goals. Become obsessed with growth and the feeling you will have when you achieve these goals! Every time you see that sticky note with a goal, you will get an extra push of motivation!

We Believe In You!

  1.  2022 is going to be your year to become the best you! We set you up with the steps for goal setting; now conquer! New Year. New Goals. New You!