5 reasons why meal prepping is the BEST!

We all talk about it, and we all procrastinate doing it! But we’re here to tell you why it’s the best, and it’s time to log out of Doordash and get the Tupperware out!


1. You will SAVE money!

Like I said, sign out of Doordash! Instead of paying $17 for a sandwich, $21 with a tip, start spending at most $5 per meal. The savings will add up. People say, “it’s expensive to eat healthy!!” Well no... it’s expensive to eat out. 


2. Less stress. 

No more wasted energy on wondering what you are going to eat for lunch every day! Or worse, not eating at all just because find food is too time-consuming. When you meal prep, you can dance your happy butt straight to the fridge and pick out your neatly organized food. No more fuss! 


3. It saves you calories!

This one is HUGE! When you are at home, you know exactly what is going into your food. When we eat out, we give up knowing exactly what we are about to put in our bodies. For example, at home, I can use 0 cal oil spray, while the restaurant could be using tons of oils or butter. SO MANY ADDED CALORIES! That’s just the beginning of it too. Don’t even get me started on added sodium! Being in charge pays off with better results.


4. It helps you stick to your goals.

When you meal prep, it’s usually according to your health goals, unlike ordering from the same random spot with 3 for $1 tacos on Tuesday. We only break our goals when we aren’t prepared; meal prepping will keep you prepared for the week! Making your food will only help you get even more excited about your goals. Don’t just train to reach them; eat to reach them! 


5. Gain a better relationship with food

Spending more time preparing our food helps us establish better relationships with it. Many women experience “food fears” as if the food controls us or controls our outer appearance. When we handle what goes directly into our bodies while achieving our goals, we take power back. Food is fuel, and meal prepping helps us see it just like that. 


I hope this paints a better picture of meal prepping for you. It is the best! Here are a few quick tips to start prepping: 


  1. Start with a baking sheet, add all your veggies and chicken, and bake it all at once! These are quick and easy! Click here. 
  2. Grab a delicious protein to make protein balls (pure iso is 👌) or yummy overnight oats ( happy charms makes it feel like cereal still 🙀Dropping soon) 
  3. Pick out GOOD Tupperware. Sometimes materialistic things motivate us the most. Grab a cute lunch box while you’re at it! 
  4. Get all the spices! You are going to want to try all the flavors, dried or fresh try them. Get experimental. 



Grab your Cereal Protein tonight!